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Recently, I've been notified by a friend of mine that the Opus audio codec is superior to the Ogg Vorbis or AAC audio codec, being able to maintain higher quality audio at the same bitrate. I did a bit of digging and I found a few tests online where Opus, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and AAC were tested at 128kbps (bitrate where the crust for most encoders becomes apparent) and I was impressed with what I heard! I've been sticking with Ogg Vorbis because it has been able to outperform MP3 with it's quality and size at the middle-tier bitrates. I've used AAC, but... for some reason I get varied results with each different player and different device I play it on... I don't know if it's because the encoder/decoder on each device varies from one another, or was not compiled to handle the "version" the AAC audio was written in, but nevertheless, it's frustrating that Ogg Vorbis does not suffer this issue, nor does MP3.

I've been a longtime skeptic of anything better than Ogg Vorbis or AAC for the longest time, but when I looked into Opus, I was blown away! --- It's a shame that it's not as widely supported as MP3, AAC, or even Ogg Vorbis, however... It is such a good codec at getting decent results at lower bitrates that I'm hoping that it gets adopted as one of the "mainstream" formats one day! ^^

I am hoping that WavPack gets more support too, because it has higher compression ratios than FLAC, and supports 32bit audio as well! Which has helped me preserve a lot of files on my computer I no longer have the source projects for! But... that's a totally different topic for a totally different discussion. :)