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(Base/YCH) Selling: Orangina Pin-up YCH's ! 40 $


nose-bleeding disaster
Have you ever heard of Orangina ? It's a french orange soda, pretty classic, but what's funny about it is their crazy commercials ! Here are some of them, you'll get what i mean :D

I'm going to do a whole series of YCH's based on these, and some are already available !
They will keep the commercial/pinup poster spirit, but with a more cartoony artstyle !
Each one is 40 USD, and if you happen to find one poster you like better, i can make you an YCH of it for the same price :)
(one slot for each one only !)

Interested in one of these excentric posters ? You can go claim them here :
www.furaffinity.net: ORANGINA PINUP YCH [OPEN] by Renneon (canine)
www.furaffinity.net: ORANGINA PINUP YCH [OPEN] by Renneon (big cat)

And feel free to leave a reply if you'd like your character on a specific poster ♫


nose-bleeding disaster
Just bumping the thread since another one is available !

Just like the others, i can alter the base to match a goat/sheep/reindeer/ etc... character :D