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Free Art: [orcaowl's requests] [CLOSED]


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i will draw something for you... i like doing small requests as warm-ups and wind-down doodles

i prefer drawing ferals but i will draw anthros too [no humans]

i won't be able to get to everyone, and i may jump around or stop taking requests at any time

[feel free to write a sentence or two about your character's personality or places they like to visit, it may be helpful for me]

if you want to see my work:

my fa: Userpage of orcaowl -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

my twitter: Orca Owl (@orcaowlart) on Twitter


i accept tips [not required!]

ko-fi: Buy Orca Owl a Coffee. ko-fi.com/orcaowl
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Mystic Jackalope
Would you like to draw my Jackalope?
They like Magic, books, tea and shiny things


oh wow, your style looks astonishing :eek:
imma leave my lil' boy for your consideration :3c
1578939440.quetzalcoatlkin_tapir.png IMG_0258.jpg
he's usually a shy and not too chatty kinda guy who loves to explore both commercial places and more open places like big parks, plazas and such :p
thanks for the chance~ :)


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How about my monkey? She usually pretty happy, playful and outgoing. A bit more about her is that she loves to eat fruit, also one of her hobbies is that she enjoys drawing and painting, y'know artsy things.
NYPfRYZ.png nW6sxB0.jpg


Commission Work: Short Story and One-Off Writer!
Would you mind drawing my chunky Hyena? My only request is that her hair, piercings, and thickness remain the same.


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    Chunky Hyena.jpg
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Here's my Fluff boi if you feel like giving him a go! ^-^
He's a happy ball of fluff that just enjoys life! He likes flying around and is a great big lover of pizza!
Thank you for the chance!


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I love to visit waterfalls within Tropical Rainforests!

Thanks very much 4 the offer!


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Do clouds look down and think I'm one of them?
Oh wow, you have some amazing artwork!

I wonder if you would be willing to draw my boy? (ref/artwork here! Userpage of Valryth -- Fur Affinity [dot] net )

As for his personality, he's a peaceful boy who likes to have fun every now and then but usually retreats to his calm place after a while. He likes to take walks outside and take in the different sights the world has to offer, and often enjoys flowers too. (He is also a huge bookworm?)

Thank you for the opportunity, either way! I'm going to watch you on FA because I really love your style o/


Small but Mighty
Thank you for the opportunity! This is Harper. He's a trickster that likes harmless practical jokes and fits of laughter.


Hey there!
Would you find an interest in drawing my boy Leo?
Thanks so much!! Your art is lovely! <3


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Hey, you're art looks amazing and Im wanting to chuck Reynard in for a chance.

Reynard likes curling up with a good book at the end of the night.