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Oregon Cons?

Seriously, I can't find any information on whether there are or aren't any cons in Oregon. Does anyone know anything?

Kaji Ryuuko

There's a few in Oregon. But one that I know of is Kumoricon; an anime/gaming convention that's being held at the Lloyd Center Doubletree.


The furry con in Portland thing has been tried a few dozen times so far... I think the reason that it hasnt succeeded is because there is a lack of decent convention hotels in Portland.

Anywhere outside Portland would fail on the transportation issue... Tho you could succeed in hosting a very big party if you tried.*

Oh, and to put the Oregon Convention Center into perspective, I think it would take about 3-5,000 attendees to break even on using that facility.

*Im thinking of the mini-convention that the Prancing Skilltaire parties have turned into.
If you cant find any information, it means there isn't one, in my experience

And I don't think a furry con would ever get that many attendees in OR. Kumoricon is getting pretty big, but furries are a much smaller fanbase than anime.

Best bet is Rainfurrest, or trying to start some meetings yourself if you're interested :)