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I'm very new to fA, so please bear with me as I figure this site out. Thank you! :p

Auctioning Original Species 'Kaltei'
- I'm accepting Paypal only.
- After buying, you'll receive a full-size picture of the design without the watermark.
- Buying a designs gives you all the rights to use the picture and design. You MAY NOT alter the original design, but you may add accessories and small details such as scars. You can use the png to present your character wherever you like. However, don't claim the art as yours. You MUST credit me!
- If you autobuy/win an auction but you don't respond within three days, the adoptable will be passed on to the next person (or put back to auction if there's still time left).

Any resemblances to existing characters or other adoptables are strictly coincidental.

SB: 15$
AB: $50
Minimum Increments: 3$​



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www.furaffinity.net: Royal Kaltei Adopts 1 by onomatti