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Orphan Guardian, Episode 1: Origins available now!!!

Lupus Pistris

New Member
I'm excited to announce a new series of books, a space saga, Orphan Guardian, Episode 1: Origins is available now at Amazon for Kindle download or borrows.
Tyler Marcum, a decorated soldier with the U.S. Army is selected to participate in a top secret program where an international team of soldiers, scientists, engineers and doctors team up with an alien race called the Cenizans. Foxlike in appearance, with blue fur and human-like hair, the Cenizans shared the technology necessary for the two species to create a star ship capable of battling a dangerous foe which threatens all life in the galaxy. A space opera filled with action, adventure, romance, kinky sex, and nail-biting suspense, Origins is the first episode in this science fiction saga. Hold on to your tail as this ride is going to get wild!
One of my most popular books to date was The Escape Pod, and this space opera plans to have the same flavor of action, adventure, sex, kink, romance, and emotional pull. Join Tyler as he battles the greatest foes the galaxy has ever seen. https://www. amazon. com/dp/B07FRN36YC (remove the spaces, links here never work for some reason, and copy-paste to your URL bar.)
I hope you enjoy this first offering in an exciting new line up!