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Art Vulpine

Art Vulpine
Just want to start this off by saying that this is not a thread for me to leave here and go to some other site, as I'm not part of the whole drama mass exodus thing.

Really I'm looking for another site to spread to beyond just here and my DeviantArt account. I've heard about Ink Bunny, So Furry, and recently Weasyl.

So which of these three do you like the best and think would be a good place to put a sub-account?



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Never been to SoFurry or Weasly, but Inkbunny is pretty much a furry NAMBLA convention calling itself an art site. I would not recommend it.


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I have an account on FA, DA, weasyl, sofurry, and inkbunny. I only really use my FA. I post to those other accounts when I make a new thing, but nothing ever... happens. On FA I get watchers and faves and such. Each site does have its own atmosphere. Inkbunny keeps showing me freaky stuff on the front page, might have to filter mature content. Sofurry seems like a big ol hugbox of ooey gooey furry love. Weasyl just seems pretty chill, if inactive. Deviantart has yet to do anything or be interesting, really. It just sort of exists. I used to use it a lot when I was a high school weeaboo, but I have changed.

Maybe these sites would seem different to me if I actually talked there, watched people, or participated. Right now all I use for looking at other artists is FA. I don't have time to browse 5 different sites every day looking for furry art.


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I'll probably get an account on weasyl, the site actually looks pretty good, reminds me of Flickr before they fucked it up. It looks like the best of FA, DA, and flicked mashed together, havent had a proper look round yet, just saw a couple of pages last night.
Im not leaving FA, i dont post anything above absolute shit quality, i just use any site to watch artists i like.
I hit up all the same sites listed above, and am subsequently disappointed by all of them, compared to FA. They all have like, half as many views, or a third the watchers/followers, and very few (if any) comments for me. So I don't really use them, except to watch one or two specific artists that don't post anywhere else or to simply post my own stuff, but if you're looking for a sub-account *shrug* DA might be the best. Weasyl is too dead. I joined and posted some of my most favourited stories from FA, and got only a handful of views with no fav's on any of them. I don't blame'em, moderately dark grey font on a moderately lighter grey background is hard to read - much like Sofurry >.>

Inkbunny is too much of a fetish site, which may or may not work for you, but mostly cub, MLP:FIM, and feral/bestiality stuff. It's quite easy to get unsettled there, so if those things aren't your cup of tea, then I'd avoid it.

I've yet to find a 'better' site, but I don't get involved in any websites drama, so I don't really care where I post.
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Art Vulpine

Art Vulpine
Same here, I'm not into the drama, just seeing where else furries call home. DA was my primary art site until finding FA, and now they are like twin sites. While I'm not interested in being on every furry site, a third would be enough.
Weasyl's activity has picked up massively in the past few weeks (*says after finishing the second day of cleaning out 50+ commissions*) and the staff there are really nice. Feature wise it's basically FA++ but for a site where sharing art is the goal I don't see any real reason to reinvent the wheel anyway when the established paradigms work just fine.


When I used to draw sparingly I uploaded it all to tumblr, though it was more of a personal archive (since I never promoted it anywhere and had like 20 followers). So, that's an option too I suppose. Also I now use my account only to follow artists, so it's apparently a thing.


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The layout of Weasyl confuses me slightly, but it's not bad. Also doesn't seem to be as active as FA. Never been on InkBunny or SoFurry.
The Furtopia forums are not bad from what I've seen and they do have an art section.


I was on DA until I moved to FA. Then I started to become more active on Weasyl. I also want to post some of my short stories on LiveJournal if people don't wanna download or whatever.


Here's a big ass list of my opinions on art perspective of sites:

is the best known of all the Furry Fandom's websites. It has a large database of users that actively participate in the Fandom and is completely driven to Furries. It allows users show a large crowd their artwork and has groups set up to allow most users to use it socially. The downside is it can have outages sometimes at peak times and a lot of bugs that still need stomped out. It also a horrible place to go if you are trying to find critique on your work and for more detail-conscious artists, the resolution doesn't tend to satisfy.

is a relatively new player in the "artistic website" scene that started from a small coding project. While it was made for the general art community, it does hold quite a strong furry colony as the main part of it, mostly FA users. It's got a pretty polished interface and it is stupidly easy to figure out how to navigate the pages. A good place I would say for a more community-driven experience. Only downside I have seen thus far is that it has quite a small community in comparison to the rest of the artsites due to it being new (about 1/5 of FA active) but I expect a lot of traction to gather as it matures.

DeviantArt is a nice place to put some artwork too. Again, aimed for the general art community; but unlike Weasyl, it has a fairly small Furry community. There are colonies of Furries. But not so obvious for the front page. Here you expect a incredibly large variety of artwork to suit just about every taste if you know what you like. Adult art isn't allowed but the site does allow mature artistic nudity. One perk of it is because of the large community, you will be able to find someone who can give you pretty good critique if you so request it. The downside is it very difficult to get attention drawing Furries and there are better alternatives if that is your drawing niche.

Tumblr has been a popular choice for people these days. Yes! The micro-blogging site. This is been seen as one of the best places to post up-to-date sketches and finished pieces as well as communicate to your audience, even do a Q&A if they want to ask you something. One of the places I would consider setting up next so recommendation. It has a really good archive function includes which can act as a timeline of all the art you post. Only downside is that it can often attract the wrong attention with the rest of the twitter community.

I haven't used IB or SF so my opinion is neutral.

Now, what is the best option? Honestly, the best option out of all of them is to create your own website to post up your gallery, use a combination of the art-sites as a way of showing your "best of " of your entire gallery and advertise to your own website as much as possible. People follow well known work to its source. This really helps because users will get to know where to find the newest of your work, helping the site grow in attention. Running your own website also allows you to take full control of what content can be featured and how the entire site looks, as well as handle questions by viewers and even allow you to link to resources.
One major drawback of this is it can be expensive to keep online without donations but that can depend on who hosts the URL to the site. I'd recommend doing research on what deals web hosting sites give you. Another disadvantage is that you could have to code the site from scratch and learn web design which can be difficult to less technologically-experienced artists. WYSIWYG editors exist, but they can render sites slow. You don't want to keep people waiting minutes on a jpeg loading.

Oh. 2 tips:

1. Just so you never really need to go back and forward between sites and getting all confused. I would recommend disabling the notes/PMs options on all of these sites and make notice for them all to send any messages to a single E-Mail address. This allows users from all sites to be able to contact you easily without you logging in to check their messages. You can even log into them on your smartphone or internet cafe and will allow you to continue business if one of the sites you are working with goes down.

2. The block button is your friend. Use it! I can never stress this one enough, even to the thick-skinned of people. I've seen a lot of users on all of these social sites make a talk about the harshness of their community, even considering leaving a website because of one bad thing someone says upset them. You should never have to leave a site because of what someone says. If you feel someone is really annoying or even upsetting you. It is best to Ignore this behavior, block the user and to send a report into the staff as you feel necessary. All these sites have some variety of this feature.

Art Vulpine

Art Vulpine
Thanks to all for this information. I actually heard about Tumblr but never explored much into it other than reading some pages.

Connor J. Coyote

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Inkbunny is pretty much a furry NAMBLA convention calling itself an art site. I would not recommend it.

I would. I love Inkbunny. I can post/see stuff there that I can't see anywhere else.

A rare gem -- especially in this increasingly whitewashed, pro-censorship environment we find ourselves in these days [on various sites].


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I would. I love Inkbunny. I can post/see stuff there that I can't see anywhere else.

A rare gem -- especially in this increasingly whitewashed, pro-censorship environment we find ourselves in these days [on various sites].

Yeah, but it's babies fucking. Fuck your freedom that shit shouldn't be encouraged.