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Other artists...


Patron Mother of Tentacle Smut
I doubt I'm the only anemic artist around here....
How many other of you wind up with cold extremities while your doing your thing?
How do ya'll set yourselves up so your feet don't go cold when you're drawing?

I know at present I've got a sleeping bag, with a heating pad at the bottom.

What's your method for keeping those toes warm?

Mikazuki Marazhu

I hate you all
You should take in more iron. (I'm guessing that's the fix)
I'm not anemic but it's cold in japan now so I'd say wrap your feet in two layers of wooly sock or you can buy heat tech clothes

Mikazuki Marazhu

I hate you all
I'm now reading about it. Quite unfortunate, though despite how hard it is, I'd still urge to continue with the supplements coupled with a good iron rich diet. (I wonder if swallowing a rusty iron pellet will fix this) :V


Patron Mother of Tentacle Smut
Oh I've never stopped with the supplements Since I'm never gonna not have O neg blood, I've always got all sorts of supplements. I donate blood as often as I can, and they generally want you to have a higher iron level so it keeps. . I've certainly considered the iron pellets. Just start eating bb's like friggin' dippin' dots. :U Majestic idea as it is.


Well-Known Member
Fuzzy socks are the best.

The way my art computer is set up, the computer is in a corner cabinet with the doors open. Having my feet in the cabinet while I draw certainly doesn't hurt for heat.

My big problem seems to be my hands, tho (never smoked in my life, but I joke I still have smoker's hands because damn they get cold easily). They can get pretty achy when they get cold, so in the winter I'll sometimes grab some wrist warmers or fingerless gloves to help stave that off. Or take frequent breaks to rub my cat's belly, if she hangs out where I'm working.


GTWT Survivor
I’m not an artist, but I spend a shit ton of time at the keyboard; and my hands tend to go numb during the winter. I keep a pair of fingerless gloves in my desk for it, and it’s worked wonderfully for a few years now.