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Other Sites for Posting SFW Art


Hewwo! I wanna spread onto more sites for cross posting, considering I don't get much attention on fA and dA's practically dying. Any recommendations? Already on Weasyl btw!
You might want to bite the bullet and use social media like Twitter or Tumblr.
inb4 "but they sux for art!!"

They do suck, but if attention is what you want, that's where you'll get the most of it. The faster pace and sheer numbers just make them objectively the best for getting quick traction IF your content is appealing enough.


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Toyhou.se seems decent at least, but you need a referral code.


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As XoPachi pointed out, twitter is a site that can create a large audience for artists, especially given the retweet function's ability to spread your content.

However, I have come across a lot of artists on there who never receive more than 5 or 10 likes, indicating they don't get much attention, while other artists who are not technically any more skillful can get thousands of likes.

So success on twitter looks like it depends on your ability to be a viral marketer, or to be friends with people who already have lots of followers.


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I've already gotten a TH account! Going to try the forums there for commission work and such tbh. While I like attention, commissions r always a good way to go, both bc they're more???? satisfying???? + money's always a plus aHAHA. Also checked out some TG chats, they've been promising so far! Anyone have experience w/ YCH? Is it a good site? Aaa tho, I will def try Twitter! Always seems like doing some fan art first's the best way to go, drags ppl into being your followers, not to mention art trade's a good way to get yourself more out there, idk. I think a major part of whether or not you end up getting more attention and the like's based off of how you interact with others, perhaps? Such as if you comment on other ppl's stuff and what not. Interacting with the community n building a good rep for yourself, idk.

Also Tumblr's dying on the art front ngl, I've seen a lot of ppl's follower + note count drop a shitton within the past few months, despite them previously being extremely popular, and those who used to be growing suddenly hitting a wall n even decreasing. Might check out discord chats, too,,,

Thanks for the help btw, y'all!!! I really appreciate it :pray:


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There is no other art sites that are as active and easy to use as FA and DA sadly. Tumblr is actually really hard to get anywhere on. Posts that don't get traction after they are new basically get lost into an abyss, but man if you do actually get something on tumblr going it keeps going. (I have a retarded Diarrea mem post that decided it wanted to go viral and that is literally the only post of mine in teh years I've been on it that got any traction.) And here any of my normal art sets lost to an abyss forever. SHitposts are too much the popular type of things on tumblr for me.

Other artsites that exist are Home — Weasyl , Welcome | Inkbunny, the Furry Art Community , and SoFurry - The furry creativity home Those are the only active ones. Well, there's also ArtStation but... that one is kinda "always post your best, always stay active or we'll wipe your account NO LONG BREAKS from our site." I really don't care if they call themselves a "professional art site" I don't like having something like that hanging over my head just to try to keep me there.

Twitter is kinda okay to post on, but they do lower the size and quality of artwork you post on their quite a bit. This one would be good to post on. I know from being on twitter I have had a hard time seeing artists posts that I watch since posts aren't notification based. It's still good to try to work with, though.