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Other than furries what do u like?

What do you like? (choose as many as u want!)

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Smexi Foxness

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Hey ppl! I'm just wondering wat u all like besides furries, since we already love the fandom! Xp. I have a small poll but if u have something different feel free to share! XD

Smexi Foxness

Gayest Furry Alive!
I think I shoulda put "awesome personalities" as a choice! Xp


Drawing and masturbating, yupyup.


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Music should've been up there but meh. I would vote school but I'm having lots of issues right now and can't go to collage yet. :(


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I love anime and videogames. I also like drawing(I draw humans way more often than anthros) and uh, food(Not seafood though). And of course, masturbating.


If you observe the current results of the poll, you'll see that 3 out of 10 people are liars.

Edit: Okay, it's up to 5 out of 12 now.
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music, drawin, games, talking,


Anime, games, drawing, old movies, music, hanging out with my friends, School (It makes me feel busy :/ )


The choices severely limited me - I'd love to do some tabletop gaming, but I don't have a decent number of friends within a reasonable distance to do so, nor do I have the rulebooks or any other paraphernalia. I can't draw to save my life. I'm fucking SICK of MMOs. I'm not a Star Wars or LotR fan, and I'm not into anime or mangas. I don't watch movies at all anymore, and I can't enroll in college classes yet.

Your poll needed an "other" option.


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I like reading, writing, anime, videogames, creating videogames, gardening, taking a walk.. etc..


Cecret Blown Susiness.

I like the things I like.

They do not matter to any of you.

(For those who are that curious, music is a main one.)


Damn it, you didn't put steam-punk/hacking/programming etc etc up there.

Oh well, back to moding my new Nerf gun >.<


8 out of 20 liars now :V


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Thing is, I don't so much "like" Furries. You can consider my interest to be about as intense as a Warsie's interest in a certain scene from a movie.

My actual "likes" are:

1) Warhammer. I love the system, books, etc.
2) Tabletop Games.
3) Videogames.
4) Comedy.
5) Grim-Dark.
6) Comedic Grim-Dark.
7) Internet Forums.

Eerie Silverfox

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Things that hurt people, ie weapons!!! I luv weapons.
Or I say I'm an "arms enthusiast" if I want to sound less homicidal.

And where is video game option?
You should have had "other" as an option.

That would be for sports, girls, outdoor activities, socializing, and other things not many furries are into. XP