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Other than furries what do u like?

What do you like? (choose as many as u want!)

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I tip my hat to you good sir..
Masturbation and watching movies are tied as of this post.

To bad that you didnt put music up there because it is my LIFE i wouldve gone insane and blown my brains out long ago if it werent for music. Sad i know and dont really give half a flying fuck what you think.

But masturbation is just as good :D


Wof Wof Wof Wof Wof
Star Wars, Movies, Fapping, Reading, MMOs


Hmmm. Target shooting, coaching, instructing, running websites, organizing amateur sport groups, music, reading.
training,playing football.


The Seeker of the Destiny
well .. writting (poems , stories or even songs =P) , practice karate , training , anime (long live to teh anime!! XD) , playing games (im actually retired from the ps2 games...ill tell u about that later ) , hanging out with friends and also playing with my dog...and lots of things (i would need to make a really large list of the thinks i like other than furries =P)


The Seeker of the Destiny
Sports isn't even a choice... darn and neither is music... darn.
but you can tell =P , what sport do you practice? =P


The Brickhead
Most of the things listed. Masturbation is more or less a side-hobby, if I may be so blunt. Usually done to keep unpleasantness from happening at work, or to control natural urges. Most often just to warm myself under the covers. *laughs*

Writing is my favorite, by far. I used to draw a lot, but due to the lack of a scanner I have no use for it anymore unless I draw the worlds or cities my characters inhabit. Never been able to properly draw my characters, with the minor exception of my main Dark character.

Star Wars is on the list, but so is Star Trek. My father and me used to watch The Original Series every weekend together when it came on. I believe I do recall him and me watching it during his last day's. I suppose it's now a fond memory to just sit and watch Star Trek, because it's so a part of my family life now.

Table-top RPG's are one of my favorites also. I love playing Dungeons & Dragon's whenever time allows me to. It's one of those little things I just can't get enough of because you mainly use your imagination, which I entirely support doing, in creating and living in the world the Dungeon Master creates. I still even have my old dice for when I get back in gear, lol.

I believe the most important one not listed here is Meditation. This, by far, is my favorite thing to practice. Through meditation I learn better control over my primal urges and unsatisfactory uncouncious mechanisms that would otherwise possible embarrese me. It's helped me evolve into the person I am today, straying from the emotional and mental hamperings of my youth. Without it, I doubt I'd be as honest and brave about life as I am today.

But yea...there's other things, but those are mainly it.




I'm fired up!
reading, playing video games, mmorpg, watching movies and tv, anime, masturbating.
Totally into Fairies. D:

Astrology, movies, drawing, vidjya gaems, certain TV series, drawing, reading stuff like Agatha Christie, encyclopedias, and cereal boxes. Drawing.

... And. I like to cook. I'm a connoisseur of Mac 'n Cheese. D;