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Other than furries what do u like?

What do you like? (choose as many as u want!)

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Smexi Foxness

Gayest Furry Alive!
Well the question says "Other than furries, what do you like?" so ya you don't need to like furries to post. It's just directed mainly at ppl who do like furries, but you're still welcome to post.


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I don't like furries, can I still vote?

What the above two said. I don't like Furries really either, and it didn't stop me from voting.


Some dry white toast please
Reading, Writing, watching movies, music, playing really bad guitar that will make Jimmy Page roll around in his eventual grave, hanging out wit da homies, etc.


Some dry white toast please


Just a simple innocent Wolf
Gaming; MMO's boardgames, mini, such as WH fantasy and WH40K the list is too long to put out, but if its to do with MMO's or gaming that makes you think I'm pretty much there. Also I used to ski, but now I board as its easier on my knees. Love to board, now if I could just get better LOL.


I like almost anything that has to do with cars. This ranges from racing my 110 mph TAG kart, to working on my '92 F-150 that I just finished repainting Ferrari Red.
The only thing in the entire world I don't hate isn't on this poll >:[ , also Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are rendered redundant by watching movies and reading respectively :V .


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Hmm. Well, I don't like MMOs, but I like other video games. I also like reading, and playing D&D on IRC. Movies are cool, too. And, er, masturbating. <_<


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Instead of wasting space by saying what I did put and explaining them in detail (chose 4 though, I will say), I'll add in what wasn't available:

Racing - yo, my motto IS practically oriented around racing!
Games - why wasn't this in the list? You'd probably have about 50 or so votes on this one by now!
3d Modeling - working on a car right now, it's really rewarding when you finish a new model!
Music - I've been in a mood to keep listening to only Rise Against lately... ^_^


The Seeker of the Destiny
I do tennis and hockey sometimes, and no reigo actually i'm not that lazy believe it or not. XD
WHOA!!! tennis and hockey?? , cool ! XD...i wish i could do tennis , but its a little expensive here X_X...and hockey its great! XD


I voted reading and school.
I know, so weird.

I usually only masturbate when I'm on a hourly deadline for a paper.


"toxic and negative"
What the hell
"Fucking anything that can't run away" wasn't on the list