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Other Trans/Non-binary furries?

I'm non-binary or genderqueer or whatever, I'm unsure what to label me because while my bucket of bones is decidedly female my brain is "yes, everything ; yes, one thing ; and no, nothing" all at the same time. And it does whatever it does, like if you air dry curly hair. I don't have curly hair but know some friends with it.

It's going to start getting more dangerous to be open about it at an even more exponential rate than before. People hate and fear what they don't understand or were taught to hate and fear by media or their upbringing. Someone's good people get caught up in the machine and get spat out with their brains mangled. Be aware of this. Keep yourselves safe, everybody. Please.

Blue Moon the Folf

Tsukuyomi Yuichi
Tbh, I'm trans and have struggled with myself in terms of fursonas for... A good while. Still kinda do, but, now I've figured out my 'sona! Still trying to work some stuff out, tho, and would really enjoy some help,,,