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Othercon - virtual otherkin/therian convention (Aug 14th-16th)


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Link: othercon.weebly.com: Othercon
(An FAQ is on the site as well)

I'm hosting a virtual convention called Othercon on August 14th - 16th. It's completely online, mainly taking place in a hub discord server while panels may take place inside the server or on other platforms (like a YouTube livestream). Members of the otherkin/therian community and non-kin (people who aren't otherkin/therian) are both allowed to attend, since there is a lot that can be learned there.

If the turnout is good enough, I hope to turn it into an annual event. The convention will also be raising funds for Brave Space Alliance and other POC and LGBT charities. Sharing is encouraged so more people will know about the convention's existence!


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Ooo this looks like it would be interesting. I'm fictionkin so there is some overlap between the fictionkin and otherkin communities experience wise but yea I'll check it out if I have the time those days!


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I've never really been into the otherkin/therian type of stuff really, but I do find it interesting to hear opinions of people who are, y'know?
But that sounds pretty neat and I might stop by for the sake of checking it out.


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Panelist and artist registration opens next week (July 8th -19th)! If you wanted to run a panel, now's a good time to start planning


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Attendee registration is open now if anyone was interested. Panel registration was extended an extra week though, so the schedule is still being worked on


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Just updating this to say that the con was a success! Much more than expected actually. If you weren't able to attend, some of the panels are available on youtube.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh41yfT_5gG60YdqV-iWH3A

Scar the fur also did a wonderful review for every day of the event:
(link to day 1)

In addition to that, we were able to raise $439 USD for LGBT+ and BIPOC charities! Yay!