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Okay, and I'd say believing you're King Arthur's reincarnation is comparable to believing you are the reincarnation of an elf or a vampire or a dragon.

I don't view otherkin as necessarily mentally ill though, in the way that I would view somebody who is outside of the otherkin community, and believed they are a vampire, as mentally ill.

and I guess that's because I feel that the elephant in the room is that otherkins who claim to be vampires or elves probably do know deep down that it's a fiction. It's a belief held because it's cool, rather than because it's sincere, right?

To an extent maybe. I've never met a gerbil therian, after all.

Foxy Emy

*Mischivious Noises*
Well, I'd avoid comparing trans people to otherkin precisely because some trans people would perceive it as trivialising their issue.

I'm aware that otherkins who are trans themselves claim that their experience of being otherkin is analogous to being trans. Which you know, is mysterious.

I can see the concern there. I don't consider them to be analogous but I can see similarities and sympathize.