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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Ouramori GA Adopt #1 - Auction OPEN

Federica Alfano

New Member

SB: 15 euro​
MI: 1 euro
AB: 60 euro​

  • Ears: Curved - Uncommon
  • Ear Pattern: Uncommon
  • Horns: Curved - Rare
  • Ribbons: None - Common
  • Wings: Unique frame (none)
  • Tail: Floral Tail - Rare

  • Can hold for 72 hours;
  • you will receive the file without watermark;
  • you're allowed to gift, trade or resell for the same price you bought unless you got extra art;
  • you can change some things about the design but keep it recognizable;
  • if you give it away (trade/gift/resell), tell me who's the new owner;
  • no backouts, you'll get blacklisted, bid only if you can pay;
  • credit Flores-Noctis as the creator of the CS and me as the designer if using.