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Out of curiousity how many of you have jobs?

How many days do you work?

  • Monday to Friday

    Votes: 18 31.6%
  • Only on Weekends

    Votes: 1 1.8%
  • All week including the weekend

    Votes: 6 10.5%
  • All week including the weekend, but one day rest

    Votes: 2 3.5%
  • A few days

    Votes: 9 15.8%
  • I am a college student

    Votes: 10 17.5%
  • I am a volenteer

    Votes: 1 1.8%
  • I do not work

    Votes: 3 5.3%
  • All week including the weekend but alternative days off

    Votes: 6 10.5%
  • All week including the weekend but a alternative day off

    Votes: 1 1.8%

  • Total voters


Sassy lesser panda.
I work for a group that does paid parking for events. Such as Hokey Games or Concerts. n.n
It's interesting and I get to meet and talk to a lot of new people everyday. Also have my amazing regulars. <3


If I'm lucky, might get chance to 'cross over' to federal employee next year... would be awesome step.

It's all about that GS-grade counting towards retirement. I wish I had that here, but I'm doing ITAR stuff.

Sgt. Kai

Sgt. Kai the German Shepherd Police Dog
City employee here. Always worked in the public sector, started right after college. 18 years now... three different departments in two states. Arizona was great, but too hot for me so came back to Oregon.
Working a morning shift with Sunday and Monday off.


The sheep
I do 2 weeks on shift then get 2 weeks off. I work half the time unless I want some OT. Gives me a chance to live a secret second furry life online the 2 weeks on, then back to real life for 2 weeks where I pretend to be a normal person.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Low-paid library assistant here at a large state university library. Good benefits, long commute, not a bad atmosphere, I hardly ever buy books anymore, as there are 7 floors of them, and I can get pretty much anything via Inter-library loan, free. But the money...not so good. Full time, 4 long days.

I work the main desk, answer questions, update databases (boring), train student workers (a lot more fun, as they come from so many diverse countries and places and backgrounds, and I like to talk and hear their stories, even in a library), and I also am part of a group that assists users with disabilities, and gives presentations on the services and technologies we have for the blind, and such, which has been the most rewarding thing.

I have a BA in English, and never did decide what job would make me happy; looked at teaching but ouch: crappy pay, and you get treated worse and worse with all these standardized tests and crap.

Maybe I will succeed in writing something that makes a few bucks, one day.


Asexual coywolf and amateur writer.
I was a food server at a movie theater until really recently. Now I'm working as a Youth Development Professional as part of an after school program. Fancy word for "After School Camp Counselor of sorts". Pays pretty well and the hours are way fuckin' better than the theater job.


Eeriee the Wendigo
I work retail, 40 hours a week, and I do work weekends lots of the time. I'm in a management position. Don't plan on doing it forever, but it's good for me right now.

Liam The Red

"Dad" Fox
I am a System and Network Engineer/Acting Director of Cybersecurity at a College. I work 'Banker's Hours', but do have to work on the weekend sometimes, when projects or emergencies require it. Good pay, Good benefits.


Fundamentalist Heretic
Gameplay/AI programming. M-F mostly. 10-12 hour days depending on deadlines/milestones/crazy design changes after we've gone Alpha. I occasionally work from home on the weekends but I try to avoid weekends. I need some time to recover after all.

Kezi Avdiivka

Active Member
On call Medical Attendant, and I work full time at Amazon when I max out my hours doing the medical stuff

also a student of Neuroscience

......thank you God for heavy stimulants.


Literal S.O.B
I work 5-6 days a week, 40-60 hours managing a fast food restaurant. Not the most glamorous job but it really seems to surprise people that you can make a decent living doing this sort of thing. I never had the chance to go to college right out of high school and even if I did I really have no idea what I would go for. I just kept working my way up through management and now have the dilemma of do I throw out what I have now to go to college and finish with debt and most likely make less that I do now or just stick with it? I ponder this way too often...


New Member
I work full-time in retail! (And actually really enjoy my job, go figure.) I work at least one day out of the weekend, which suits me just fine, makes the day go by quickly.

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
Electronics Technician for a school district. I work swing shift, doing Fire Alarm test & inspect. Union job (SEIU) 40 hrs a week with 5% differential for swings. I have forty-two sites that I have to test yearly so that's an average of one site a week although a high school can take a month by itself. Been doing this for a while so I'm set to retire soon. Old gray-muzzle, you know. I have adult grandchildren.

Did other things with my life, too. Major things I did; worked at Jack In The Box and McDonald's, Air Force, working on F-4C/D Phantom II fighters, did construction for a bit, Worked at the Ford assembly plant in Milpitas, CA and the Peterbilt assembly plant in Newark, CA. Did interior and exterior signs and lighting, taught at an automotive training institute, Worked at an amusement park as a rides mechanic, was part of a family-run General Contracting firm (tip: never go into business with your family), did penance at a local mom 'n pop hardware store and now with the school district. I think I left out some stuff that I have done part-time but you get the drift.

Never be afraid to try something new. Or, never be afraid to take a job because you have a family to support. A few of those jobs I took just for that reason.


New Member
I'm a bartender Thursday through Saturday and when I'm not doing that I'm a freelance illustrator. = v =


Switched jobs (and careers) a little over 4 months ago, and couldn't be happier. Previous job was in automotive (not sales), and I was over two people... so unfortunately, if someone called off on a weekend, I had to come in and work... or if someone was late, I'd have to stay to cover... same if the PM person called in, guess who had to stay and work 12 hours! Management was so... shady. You have a lot of money in the automotive industry, but good grief the upper management there was so freaking CHEAP! I also got thrown under the bus for standing up about some immoral crap they were trying to pull on me. So what did I do? I found another job and got the hell away from there. I recently went back to visit/have service done on my car, and the general consensus from my ex-coworkers still there when I asked how things were going was all the confirmation I needed that I made the right choice in leaving. We didn't get benefits (no sick days, no personal days, had to work a full year before you got any paid vacation), and you had to fight tooth and nail to try to get paid for what you were worth.

New job is fantastic - I don't manage anyone, which means no coming in on weekends anymore (our office is closed on weekends!!), I have personal days, great benefits, and earn usable vacation time with every paycheck, AND my salary about doubled.