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Out of ideas, please post some refs!


I feel a bit guilty for not drawing anything lately, I realized I'm all out of ideas. Please post the refs of your coolest characters! I can't promise I'll draw all of them, will probably choose 2 or 3 :)


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How’s this is he ok?


Simply magical~ ✨
These are all fursonas who represent different sides of my psyche! Solo 'em, group 'em, fuse 'em, humanize 'em, whatever you can create~!

Thank you so much in advance! It is fun to see your style. ✨


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Willing to draw my OC, Embrafillowy? I do have some art of her in my gallery, although I don't quite have an ideal reference image.
This art of her shows off her appearance well.
(Although, the fluff on her chest & crotch isn't present in that art.)

If not, that's fine, too! :)
If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask! I like indulging to divulge about my character!

She stands slightly over 2 meters tall, & has a maternal physique, though she's meant to be a little cartoony. Silly, friendly, energetic, soft & cuddly, yet abnormally physically dense & strong, despite a lack of visible musculature; She'd readily tacklehug a friend, despite that she's heavier & stronger than an elephant. Her pouch operates on cartoon/"hammerspace" logic, & can fit things too big or otherwise have no business fitting.
Given that she's a variant of a Neopian species, references to Neopian stuff isn't out of question.

Hopefully I'm not a bother! Obviously, even if you don't draw her, that's fine! I'm just thankful for this opportunity!

BTW, a question: Are you only drawing OCs? For example, are you accepting requests regarding fictional species? Especially fictional species from franchises? Of course, for making such requests, I'd do my best to provide visual reference.
(Though, obviously, I don't expect you to draw multiple things for me. No offense meant.)

Baron Tredegar

Ukraine Strong!

Here is what I got for reference and inspiration.


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Throwing out my baby! Deserves more love


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