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Outscape(Formerly known as Beyond Dark) Thread!


Autumn Wolf
For those of you who like 4X grand strategy games in space, this is a game I would recommend for you.

The game however is currently in Alpha stage 3, and we are seeing changes constantly, and reporting on bugs, glitches, imbalances and ratios not working properly.

Like with Sins of a Solar Empire for those of you who are familiar with that game, you colonize planets. In Outscape you have a lot of different mechanics, such as research for different and various technologies as well as ships.

It's online and real-time, so you kind of need to be present for things to happen.

There are more screens I can add, but this is enough for now.

Currently I am exploring the game itself and its mechanics, but keep in mind that this is an Alpha, and are subject to a lot of potential changes.