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Overgrown (Vore and tendrils roleplay starter)

It was a dank, hot summer day. And it was even hotter and more moist inside the abandoned greenhouse deep in the woods of this setting. It was overgrown with an abundance of exotic plants, varying from colorful flowers to intricate, alien-looking ferns. But among the green chaos was a plant that towered above all the rest. It almost looked more like a creature than a plant. It was similar to a venus fly trap, but its opening was much more maw like, rimmed with predatory teeth with a sticky, clear substance dripping from between them.
Meanwhile, a red fox, a curious and adventurous one, walked through the dense underbrush of the woods, wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of his paw. He had a black bandanna over his snout and a backpack adjusted tightly to his back. He was thirsty, hot, and was in a panic because he knew soon it would be dark. He had only gone on this trip to find a tall-tell abandoned mansion that would be a great place to explore and possibly practice his graffiti art... and this definitely wasn't worth it, but he was now lost and was only desperate to find shelter. That's when he spotted something white in the distance. A bright, unnatural white. As he got closer he recognized it as a greenhouse, a very overgrown one at that. Shelter and possibly a drink! He scurried through the brush and eventually got to the doors of the building. They were open and seemed welcoming, tendrils and vines coming out of the opening and climbing the walls. It was amazing.

(( Anyone is welcome! I'll be the plant and I'm looking for a partner that's willing to be the fox. This will probably get NSFW, just a heads up. Please reply by DM or ask for my Discord. Thanks!