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Overrated and Underrated Opinions


Overrated: Pink Floyd.

Underrated: Jethro Tull. (Why the hell aren't they in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame by now?)


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I have never had an intel product work as intended.
I made sure to research before buying my new pc and got amd. Hasn't given me any issues and works as intended.

You are safe.
You have allies here.

I've had my Ryzen R5 1600 for 4+ years right now with zero issues. And no shock outperforms the i7 6700k i had in my past PC, Since 4 cores was showing it limits in newer games. Been nothing but "Cope" from the Intel side since they have nothing to outperform AMD with, Still like Nvidia though for GPU's.

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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overrated: human's "human?".

underrated: human's "animal?".

can someone translate this properly.

human language is confusing.

you've got like a bazillion words for irrelevant abstract garbage and way too few words to describe practical concepts.


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Overrated: Celebrity worship.

Underrated: Eating ice cream straight from the box.

Frank Gulotta

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Overrated : twitter
Underrated : deleting your twitter