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Overrated and Underrated Opinions


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Branching off of this

Overrated: "Flawless" stones
Underrated: stones with a lot of veining, or interesting imperfections/inclusions
Yes, it's a lot more interesting seeing them in their natural forms.


sea cucumber
Uberrattad: humans are great/important.
Shit'rrattad: nature has all the answers.


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Overrated: Excessive government/and or monopolistic corporation control over an individual's life

Underrated: A system that allows each individual to have maximum control over their own life without large corporations intervening in necessities

Frank Gulotta

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If a country has legit term limits and elections, they do have a boss. XD
Well if say, I was to blow up a civilian family in a foreign country during my 6:45am to 2pm shift I'm pretty sure I would get fired on the spot, this doesn't happen when a president does it so politicians don't really have a boss yet

Connor J. Coyote

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Eh..... Dunkin' Donuts is the BEST donut brand in the world.


Overrated: Caffeinated coffee
Underrated: Decaf

I rarely notice a difference unless there is too much caffeine, at which point I might start feeling jittery. Decaf means I get to drink more coffee without feeling weird. The aroma is enough to wake me up, so to speak, and I like the taste.


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overrated: gamers who campaign against things.
underrated: anti-cancel-culture.

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Overrated: Undertale was amazing.

Underrated: Undertale was okay.