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Are Utahraptors best dinosaur?

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Zephyris Redsnout
Name: Zephyris Redsnout
Age: Mentally 20
Sex: Male
Species: Utahraptor
Height: 5.7 feet
Weight: 2'225 lbs.

- Hair and fur: Red feathers
- Markings: Black feathers on the top half of his head, white underbelly and wing tip feathers, and neon green on his lower jaw and the base of his tail feathers.
- Eye color: Green
- Other features: Leans more towards the avian aspects of dromaesaurs in body shape and arm/wing structure.

Behavior and Personality: Zephyris is an incredibly introverted Utahraptor compared to the relatively social butterflies of his pack. He is temperamental, shy, and utterly inept at social situations. But, he is also caring, thoughtful, and passionate about the things he loves and cares for. He prefers the company of non-sapientanimals over that of his fellow sapiens.

Skills: Video Games, empathising with other people's decisions.
Weaknesses: Any sort of social situation or feats of strength or dexterity

Likes: Video Games, Rock (Especially the kinds made between the 70's and 2000's), Rap, Art, mountains of meat.
Dislikes: Social situations, feats of strength or endurance, dealing with drama between friends.

Additional stuff

Clothing/Personal Style: Feral: N/A Anthro: Mainly Pants, whatever shirt, and a hoodie. All yesr round.
Picture: www.furaffinity.net: Zephyris Redsnout's First Reference Sheet (SFW) by Derron116
Favorite food: Meat not from a turkey or non-processed chicken.
Favorite drink: Horchata
Favorite weather: Partly cloudy 70°F
Favorite color: Green

Least liked food: Vegetables, Fruits, etc.
Least liked drink: Vegetable drinks
Least liked location: Wherever the party is.
Least liked weather: Weather above 85°F.
Significant other: N/A
Orientation: Aromantic-Asexual

Feel free to ask any questions.
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