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And twice as shiny
Name: Owlstor Hopkins II
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Species: Common Great Horned Owl
Height: 6' or 152.4 cm
Weight: 14 lbs or 6.4 kg (this is putting in perspective of owl weight, not human weight. Human weight might be around 215 pounds or 97.7 kg)

- Hair and fur feathers: Speckled with black, brown, tan, and white as so.
- Markings: None
- Eye color: Dandelion yellow
- Other features: Don't let the feathers fool you. This guy eats everything in sight, as described below. This makes the feathery look a bit more... fuller.

Behavior and Personality:
Skills: He does ok in math, at least compared to most people. He isn't credited for that, though. He also has a way with words (also compared to most) to hide his lack of intelligence towards a subject. As an owl, his hearing is phenomenal, but it's just not used enough.
Weaknesses: He's a moron in every sense. Horrible sense in time as far as being either very early or very late to a meeting. Appears clever but is just taking signs from his surroundings to make statements. A gigantic cheater when it comes to his job.

Likes: Snake and mice meat; finishing a task; flying
Dislikes: Being aware of other's opinions, usually negative; letting something get away; shooting guns with finger holes in them

History: Born in 2008 to a middle-high class family, where his father worked as a government officer, as he told him. Owlstor assumed it was the F.B.I. (it's really a clerk job), so he pursued an interest in that field ever since he was a boy. However, with friends and other possessions on his mind, he failed to live up to the knowledge level he set for himself when he started planning his career plan out. This continued on into his college years studying in a Criminal Justice major, where stereotypes of him being excellent due to his species were shattered. After college and a job as a police secretary, he was able to obtain a job as part of his city's criminal investigation agency, since he was the only one around with those prerequisites, despite them being less than impressive. This is the job he has been holding for two years.

Clothing/Personal Style: Typical dress pants and polo with a tie. He usually gets dapper when there's nothing else to wear.
Picture: I just created him. :T

Goal: To keep his job and to find some interesting facts about the lives of the affected
Profession: Junior C.I.A. agent
Personal quote: "Aygent Awlstaur, See Aye Eh."
Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGREnfgojkk (He's completely oblivious.)
Birthdate: June 8th, 2008

Favorite food: Snake and Mice meat
Favorite drink: A drink a bit more powerful than alcohol that he started drinking at high school parties. He doesn't know he's addicted to it yet.
Favorite location: His house.
Favorite weather: Warm enough to fly in.
Favorite color: Brown

Least liked food: His own pellets if he's dumb enough to eat it again.
Least liked drink: Snake and Mice blood, so he always drains his food before eating it.
Least liked location: The morgue
Least liked weather: Extremely hot weather

Friends: A couple of his workmates and his old time friends.
Relations: An on again/off-again thing with another owl.
Enemies: His boss Detective Snakey (wut)
Orientation: Straight

This was partially influenced by Norman Jayden/Nahman Jayden from Heavy Rain. I'd love to add more references to him, but it's nini time.


is the prettiest pony~
Aww, he's such a hapless failure :c

Also I would try to do something if I didn't suck at owls.