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Lord of Potatoes
I hope this is where this post goes. I'm signal boosting for artists to have their artwork featured. Also, let your other PA friends know about this.

^ Please Go HERE for the Gallery Feature^

My friend is hosting an Art Gallery in VR (Virtual Reality), and is looking for Pennsylvania artists who would like their artwork featured in that gallery. "Any nice image file of your art will work. I'll also display social media tags, but probably only the bigger few to keep things consistent" He wants to host it for East PA artists, though, so please respect that. (I'm sure PA artists in general can apply, just ask). He will be linking your social medias as well.

I'll be seeing if my own work can be included. I'll be sharing my art via imgur. He said can max at 5. I don't have a Fav 5 for myself. XD
PS: Please don't try to add me on Facebook.

Artist Handle:
Social Medias:
Artwork Links:

(Please ask Travis questions about it, not me. Go ask him on his FB I am advertising this on FA/DA mostly because I don't actually know many artists from PA.)