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Pachirisu World Domination Thread.


No, the 1st-gen purists just love to use the worst possible examples and call them the norm. Sorry, but there's a mountain of 3rd and 4th gen pokemon that are really popular.

How is it inferior? The most Team Rocket ever did was take over a building. The most Team Aqua/Magma did was steal an orb off the top of a haunted shrine. Team Galactic nuked a lake. I'll repeat that, THEY NUKED A LAKE. They even succeeded in capturing the pokemon they were after to achieve their goal. None of the other teams managed to get as far as they did as far as world domination goes.
Actually, it's an opinion I formed myself having played the latest games. I like some of them such as Croagunk, Noctowl, Lucario but disliking the others is nothing about being purist, I didn't quit playing at pokemon yellow. Hoenn was by far the worst, I think there were probably less than 5 that I liked, or even half-liked. I'd really like to have my opinion changed so that I can actually want to play ruby or sapphire, but looking over again at the pokedex, I'd have to say: it's never gonna happen.

I think the reason why I preferred the first game's storyline is that when it comes to Pokemon, I'm not interested in thwarting a band of 2dimensional villains, I'm interested in capturing pokemon, winning my badges and defeating the league. TG played a bigger role in the story of D/P so I suppose it just bored me because I'd rather be doing something else. Maybe if Pokemon was turned into an epic RPG on the PC, but not in its current state.

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