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Bug/Site Problem: Pages load very slowly or don't load at all


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This issue only started today for some reason; whenever I try to open something specifically on the FA forums it takes forever to load and sometimes just gives me the standard 505error page could not load (or whatever the message is). I ran a speed test and my connection is actually a lot better than it usually is, I also visited many other websites I visit and they didn't take any longer than usual to load. Even when my internet maxed out the pages loaded faster than they do currently.

Is anyone else experiencing this or is it just me, and if it is just me then how would I go about fixing it?

I already tried doing CTRL+f5 to reload the cache or whatever it is, and that didn't seem to do anything. Even though I have no idea what it does in the first place..


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Having issues as well. I can't upload either. Sometimes the page will give an establishing secure connection message. Perhaps some new security feature is having some issues, or another DDoS attempt >_<


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I noticed some slowdown as well recently. Also, my browser (Chrome) seems to believe the page is loading indefinitely (the tab has the loading icon all the time). Also, it says at the bottom of the window, "Waiting for rum-collector.pingdom.net...". I'm unsure about what this is.
Interestingly, FAF is faster for me than it ever has been. I used to get these 503 errors all the time if I ever loaded more than 2 tabs at a time. Now I can go through things at a normal pace (though I instinctively hesitate between tabs still).


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I'm still getting this issue later on in the day now (around 4pm or later; my timezone is UTC+10:00)

It's pretty frustrating =/

Edit: Oh jesus I just noticed my typo in the title ._. it's supposed to be "won't load at all"
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Is the website extremely slow or not working for some people?Since 4pm my time FAF just slowed down incredibly and has been going into offline mode for me quite often since then.


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Right now it is incredibly slow for me as well.


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Seems to be a bit wonky. The thumbnails weren't loading for me a few minutes ago, but now they load just fine.

Probably just some small technical issues, if even that.