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Painful procedure to turn you into the furry creature you always wanted to! would you?


I have now another question, I'ts a bit tricky so pay attention.

Let's imagine that scientist discover a method to create hybrids between humans and animals, and the results are like the ones you usually see in furry art: Complex, delicious, strong perfect antropomorfic creature. Obviously these operations are quite expensive but you for somehow manages to get the full amount, but! There are some issues, first of all the operation is irreversible, second you have update your birth certificate as your new identity to avoid confusion, and third the operation that makes your worst headache comparable to heaven and it will ast like 8 to 22 hours but you will get the form of your fursona, feeling complete and fully developed as anthro being. now the $64,000 Question: would you accept?

Mikazuki Marazhu

I hate you all


Nope, iam out.

For some reason this idea is disturbing as hell to me, makes me realize how happy iam right now. :confused:


No. I don't want to be a furry. I wouldn't do it even if it was not painful. I wouldn't do it even if I was paid millions

Oblique Lynx

The nationalist conservative lynx
I'd rather not diddle with the uncanny valley

But if I did, I'd make sure they prescribed something like morphine or morphone

Monsieur Doveteux

The Local Grammarian
22 hours isn’t even a full day, so considering the operation is safe, (as much as something that alters one’s body that much can be), then yes, I would most definitely do it.

But wait, is it government-sanctioned, or would we be thought of as rouge genetic experiments?


Wouldn't you have to reinvent you wardrobe to have clothes that are compatible with horns, ears, paws, tails, and wings?

Deleted member 82554

If the procedure were possible and it were set in a world where discrimination for anthro kind wasn't an issue then yeah, why not.


Well-Known Member
Sure I would. In a heartbeat.

Though I actually wonder how my feral counterparts would react to me.

Would I have the pheromones of a Fox too?

I can just picture local foxes starting to come out of nowhere trying to fight me cause I’m trespassing in their territory lol.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Sure! Sounds like a deal. I could always take a few Valium, and sleep through the headache part. Plus, then I could spray people. And, other things...


I don't know the hell how I'd start a conversation with my friends, family and colleagues to explain the reasoning behind why I went through a long, painful, expensive, experimental procedure to turn myself into a talking dog. But if I did figure out a way, I'd probably have to endure hearing "What the fuck is wrong with you?" a lot of times.

Also, I'd think real life anthros might not be as idealised and cute as they are in artwork. The talking dog look probably wouldn't be all that employable either.

In real life it's really impractical and I'd probably instantly experience the drawbacks, so I'll be boring and say no, I wouldn't do that procedure. As a fantasy it sounds great, though.