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Painting Details on Kung Fu Panda Figures


I figured I'd go ahead and show you all something I'm working on. Recently, I got these Kung Fu Panda figures to sit on display and show my appreciation for the series. They're decent figures (and rather inexpensive, too, thanks to eBay), but I feel like a couple of them could be improved upon in a few areas, as some of the coloring is less than perfect in places.

All Figures.jpg

Since I'm a decent crafter and hobbyist, I figured I'd take matters into my own hands and start with Tigress. Over the past couple days, I've slowly been adding extra details on the paws and tail.

Tigress WIP 5.JPG

Originally, the paws were solid orange and textureless, so I went ahead started using paint to color in the missing pawpads and shoes. As of right now, Tigress' feet and shoes are almost complete, although they're somewhat rough around the edges and the toes still lack some coloring. I have yet to start on her forepaws, as they will be done later.

Tigress WIP 3.JPG

The tail was initially black with no stripes at all, so I went to work adding Tigress' iconic orange and white stripes, starting from the end. For details this small, I like to use a toothpick to reach into all the nooks and crannies with pinpoint precision. Right now, I'm roughly ¼ of the way done with the tail so far.

Tigress WIP 2.JPG

Tigress WIP 4.JPG

Tigress WIP 1.JPG

Here's how it looks so far. Feel free to give me your feedback, suggestions, and questions below! I'll keep you all updated on my progress. When it's finished, I'll display it on the main site. I might even make more if anyone is interested in having any of their own, assuming it's not against the site's rules to sell stuff here.