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Paranormal Occurences


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I'm pretty sure I know how this will go down. But with it being so close to Halloween, I can't help but to ask...

Have you or anyone you know ever experienced anything paranormal or strange?

I've experienced some strange occurrences, but ever since I was diagnosed with schizophrenia I've stopped taking the paranormal seriously and taken a more logical approach to things. It helps to keep me grounded being rational. But when I was younger I would see, hear and feel things from time to time. Like people watching me from behind corners, the air getting colder all of a sudden, or feeling someone grab me. Looking back on it all it was probably my illness in it's early stages.

But I can't help but wonder if there was anything to it. Like if that voice telling me to let them in was a demon or not. Or if the stuff I saw in my grandmother's house were actual spirits. Her dolls would turn and look at me sometimes. I'm sure it was nothing of course, but my mother would also notice strange things too. She's very intuitive about things. But we both are kinda known as the family quacks anyway.

Maybe you saw a ghost or aliens or some other thing. They may not be true but they might not not be true too.


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Plenty of people have told me about experiences, which they think are paranormal. These anecdotes are always mundane; the unexplained motion of a paper cup, feeling cold or finding out an object isn't where you remember leaving it.

I think it's bored humans accidentally noticing spurious patterns, like seeing house-hold objects in the shapes of clouds, and attributing meaning to them for want of some excitement.

My Uncle was on the news once because he had 'seen aliens'- a straight line of glowing orange dots in the sky . It turned out someone had released chinese lanterns over his town that night.
The news channel portrayed him as a total shut-in and he finished by asking the the presenter if he was an alien. I cringed so much.


I also try to be rational with everything, but I've had my fair share of weird things I couldn't explain.


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I sit about 5000km above a giant solid iron sphere, inside a convecting liquid nickle-iron shell, that somehow makes a magnetic field preventing a giant ball of nuclear-brittabrack 150 million kilometers away from boiling my skin off.

...and I have no idea how it works.

So it's ghosts.
I guess I do have something from when I was younger.

I was around 8 and my friend and I were asked to feed the pets of a family that went on vacation. We used a key to get in the house and put out clean water and fresh food for the cat, then we tried to catch the cat and bring it to the food. I chased it to the bottom of the stairs by the front door and it ran up the stairs and around the corner, and then I heard a little girl's voice say "Maddie, help" from around that corner (Maddie is my friend's sister's name). My friend heard it too, and we just looked at each other and ran back to his house. I still don't know what it was, and we were definitely alone there.


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I've had a few experiences that I've not understood, so I have chalked it up to spookies.

Shortly after my dad died, I saw a solid-black man-shaped silhouette in the upstairs window of my godmother's house when I was young, can't remember how young but around 5ish. We (my sister and I) were getting picked up by my mom and my godmother was outside on the lawn with us. I know it wasn't someone else in the house, since no one was there except my sister, my godmother and myself. And the curtains were drawn, which were white, so it was quite a stark contrast and that's what caught my eye. And my sister was really young, so she doesn't really remember.

One year, during my angsty highschool years, I had a particularly bad birthday ("sweet" 16 to boot) which consisted of my stepdad berating me and telling me how I was garbage and how he couldn't wait for me to turn 18 and move out. I was really depressed and ended up crying myself to sleep. In the middle of the night, I felt my hair being pulled. Not like it had gotten caught on something, it was several firm tugs, and I flipped my blankets up and right in front of my fucking face was a big helium Happy Birthday balloon that I had gotten earlier in the day. The weird thing is that it was hovering level to my face, which was only about 3 feet from the floor and it stayed level for a few moments while I flipped my shit before it drifted back up to the ceiling, as if someone had been holding it and then released it.

I've had a few other experiences (things moving, little whispers, etc), but they're pretty minor and not worth mentioning. Anyway, I know these could be explained away with logic and reason and whathaveyou, but as far as I have experienced them, I couldn't really explain them. And I believe in ghosts, because I've had such experiences, so that's what I chalk it up to. I'm also very scared of ghosts, coincidentally.

But yeah, those are my experiences.

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Well, my carpet moved itself like 3 inches.
It moved right in front of my eyes.
There was nothing on it nor dragging it, and it was a sudden motion.



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The house I grew up in was creepy, walking into the kitchen and having multiple cupboard doors swing open and things be thrown out of them is the scariest shit I have ever seen and I am so damn glad I don't live in that house anymore. It's also not all that happened, having extremely loud screaming coming from the centre of the lounge room all of a sudden at night when my family was there playing a board game (small lounge room) but no one was screaming and it was right in front of us, other shit flying off shelves and benches at random, doors suddenly closing on you (with no breezes), etc. I wasn't the only one to experience these things happening (whole family did and even some guests) and I cannot explain why some of these things happened. I feel sorry for the people who bought the place but I do hope they're enjoying it (the old style interior of the house is just so beautiful). It is because of this house I do believe in paranormal things, but not all paranormal things.

I don't believe suddenly feeling 'cold spots' or 'having sudden feelings of sadness/anger' are unexplainable paranormal activity at all, and the amount of pictures I see of 'orbs' that just look like illuminated dust particles is ridiculous.


None. Don't believe in them, never happened. And I was in many spooky places - ruins, I, II and pre-IWW bunkers, battlefields, basements, abandoned metro, sewers... and even the scariest of them all - national archive. There is a rumour saying, that once a document gets in, it almost never gets out! And what's more they sometimes -magically- dissapear to be found on the other side of the world in some private collections! Truly terrible and unexplainable.

The spookiest thing ever tho? Forest at night. Nothing beats that feeling when all your primitive instincts are telling you to search for a company and take a shelter. And... I kinda like it, from time to time, walking alone among the trees when even the moon isn't visible, because of the clouds.

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the scariest of them all - national archive. There is a rumour saying, that once a document gets in, it almost never gets out! And what's more they sometimes -magically- dissapear to be found on the other side of the world in some private collections! Truly terrible and unexplainable.

Forests can be pretty interesting at nighttime. So dark you can't see in front of you and every crack of a branch gets you alert for possible predators.


Which is pretty damn funny because there are no predators here - 400 wolves and 120 bears in the country of the size of half of the Texas (wtf my grammar here, plox hulp), which shows how - still - animalistic we are. My friend once was asked by the Australian, what are the things that he should be aware of and to what he should pay a special attention whilst in the wilderness... His face when he heard "crap" - priceless.

Aye, truly, blessed land it is (especially with poverty and onion). Seriously, extremely rare adders, extremely rare hornets and shitton of ticks. End of the list.


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I was settling down for the night to get some sleep because I had a morning shift. I could hear my roommates and friends downstairs smoking. There were three people downstairs. I was following their conversation pretty easily. Unable to sleep.

Suddenly I hear steps going up the stairs. I can still hear my friends downstairs. None of them had moved. So I was immediately on edge. Was someone in the house? Did someone sneak in? Were they playing a prank on me? The steps reach mroe door. Pause.


Something smashes my door. I saw it move and I felt it shake the room and I heard it. This house had always had creepy shit going on. We always blamed it on the fucked up crossing of electric wires and rewiring the house had been through. It was old as fuck. So I was somewhat expecting weirdness. I was always trying to catch it in the act so to speak. I especially knew something was up when even the people downstairs had stopped talking. Someone hollered up and asked if I was okay.

Instead I jumped up and swung open the door and---nothing.

Nothing at all.

I was so disappointed I just went back to bed. Admittedly, I was also on a lot of drugs at the time. So who the fuck knows it was probably me just tripping most likely. The random laughter of children throughout the day when alone in the house was creepier anyhow.

Wshitton of ticks.


Its not something that everyone experiences, and those who aren't "sensitive" won't experience anything, and hence are skeptical. I never believed until I met my boyfriend, who, while a very rational, logical person, has had paranormal experiences all of his life. His whole family has, actually. He takes these things very seriously, and so I am inclined to believe him.

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Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Which is pretty damn funny because there are no predators here - 400 wolves and 120 bears in the country of the size of half of the Texas (wtf my grammar here, plox hulp), which shows how - still - animalistic we are. My friend once was asked by the Australian, what are the things that he should be aware of and to what he should pay a special attention whilst in the wilderness... His face when he heard "crap" - priceless.

Aye, truly, blessed land it is (especially with poverty and onion). Seriously, extremely rare adders, extremely rare hornets and shitton of ticks. End of the list.
Adders aren't that rare in here, and I've walked within a mile of a wolf pack so it's not like I should ignore everything. Also bears. Big bears.

Anyhoo, back to paranormal stuff.
I don't believe anything they show on tv. It's just bad entertainment. Stories are where it's at, and they're at least somewhat credible.
Apparently my dad's place is haunted or something. The whole family says there is a ghost family there.
Their kid can't sleep at times because "they are watching", and she has drawn them on paper. She's 5yo.
I haven't seen them myself, but then again, I don't live there. Would be mighty interesting to see some ethereal figures on the next visit.


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A long time ago I would see flashes around the house, like camera flashes. They stopped at 9 flashes, 5 in one night. No shiny objects, no light sources.

Recently I had a radio turn on by itself at my dishwashing job. Apparently there was a fire at the place before and a stripper died in a fire. A few of my coworkers have had experiences with her too. One has seen her, and recently had an onion thrown at her when she was the only one there. I took my phone to the basement and I get crazy high EMF readings sometimes, many strong blips on the radar, and words that actually make sense. Its scary how accurate some answers are, or how connected words are if I get 4 or 5 words rapid fire.


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My gf and the neighbors believe that there is a ghost in both houses. A small child boy (why are ghosts always children?) haunts and tries to scare away anyone that lives there that doesnt have children. Even the human boy says he has an imaginary friend that is named the same name as the ghost boy. And my gf says the ghost in her house sometimes suddenly opens and closes the kitchen cabinets. Sometimes it just flies open and shuts.

I believe in spirits. I mean we cant explain everything on our own earth and world, much less a world outside our own. Science is too limited and isnt ready to tackle something like this.

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I was once awake very late at night or very early in the morning, it was dark, really dark and I had to pee but I didn't want to go to the bathroom next to my parents room to not wake em up so I went to the bathroom in the most isolated and dark part of the house, I opened the door and looked in the mirror to find out nothing was out of normal and then I looked behind me and there was nothing out of normal either.

This happened a lot.


I don't believe in ghosts. I have come across some spooky stuff before. Also there is such a thing as "spirits" whatever that's supposed to mean. They will talk to you, they can touch you, how weird is that. There was some serious research back in the day, but now that stuff is left to the kooks. Perhaps some obscure psychological phenomenon? Dunno.

...and I have no idea how it works.

So it's ghosts.

Don't be ridiculous. It's turtles.
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The day after my 5th or 6th birthday i had this Batman balloon.

I decided to go potty in the morning when i fucking kid you not this balloon floated down the hallway (i had the bathroom door open) stopped at the open door, and turned and faced me

this shit actually happened and i have no idea why.

It kinda spooks me, but at the time i thought it was funny as hell. having a balloon follow me. and.. face me.. ,but I was a little kid at the time.
I used to see people who weren't there as a sleepy kid, but my grandma was all over the ghost stuff, so I ended up believing I was seeing dead people. Now I'm older... I was a sleepy little kid dreaming. It wasn't magic or ghosts.
I can list plenty of things that have happened to me that I can't explain, so does that mean I'm "sensitve" to spookyscaries?

Look up Pareidolia, it's the human condition of seeing faces and patterns EVERYWHERE.

Why would dead people move things to "comminicate" but not move things like pens on paper to actually write anything?

Why do otherwise rational people feel cold or see a door blow shut and just jump straight to "GHOSTS!", dismissing any other option?

Memory plays a HUGE part in this. Watch someone talking to a "psychic" and notice how often the conversation misses or is vauge as hell, but the person will be convinced afterwards that the psychic was instantly correct, forgetting all of the mistakes and errors in their retelling.
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I've yet to experience anything out of the ordinary other than "shadow people," but that was during a time when I was scared to death by the dark. My imagination ran wild and I saw many things, none of it real as far as I'm concerned these days. But, there is a history of the paranormal in my family line. I've heard so many stories from my uncles, aunts, and grandparents that it's hard to deny it all. Either it's real, or people have wicked imaginations. Maybe both?

One of the more concerning tales in my family history involves a very greedy ancestor who sold his soul to the devil for wealth, and the cost was a very miserable marital status for every female in my ancestry. This is what I've been told anyway, but when I look at my aunts, including my mother, I can say that none of their marriages ever worked out. The husband either passed away early, divorced, or in the worst cases, the female ended up dead. I have 7 great aunts, and none of them are currently married. My mother is divorced. My mother's sister died of leukemia while taking a shower, age 22 - she dropped dead in the tub and wasn't found until the next day by her own daughter. Needless to say, I am very concerned for my sisters.

The best stories come from my uncles and mother. I... have many to share, but I won't cover them all.

My mother used to work at Sunshine Villa, a supposed haunted retirement home and the very same house that inspired the Bates Mansion in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (fun fact). Now, my mom didn't know this place was supposedly haunted, so she went in with a leveled head and work in mind. It didn't take long for her to start hearing the stories of ghosts and a pool room where feelings of dread washed over the body of those who stepped in. Everything she heard came from the seniors living in the home, and the fragile ones would ask her to leave the doors open to "let the children inside."

The creepiest detail of the senior home was the basement. It only had one entrance and exit - an elevator. Once you went down, you stayed down there until that dinky elevator heaved you back to ground level. My mom hated going down there because of that detail. Her final day working at the Villa was cut short when she used her walkie-talkie to get instructions from ground level, only to receive static and laughter from that of a young girl and boy. They don't allow children at Sunshine Villa.

Other stories include walking a dead neighbor's ghost up to his apartment, and hell hounds sneezing at my uncle from the end of the bed. :p
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The Helium balloon resulted from air temperature and pressure gradients, much like a 'Galileo's thermometer' in which the density of the supporting liquid changes as the the thermometer is heated, causing a collection of balloons trapped within to take up different positions in the column:

Do you guys see what I mean about everyone's ghostly experienced being over-interpretation of mundane physical or psychological phenomena? ._.

Science is too limited and isnt ready to tackle something like this.

Science will explain why doors in closed houses open without human intervention. It's summarised in an equation 'PV=nRT', which describes the state of the air pressure.

When a new weather system moves over head, it changes the pressure, or changes the temperature [hence changing the pressure], exerting a force on surfaces such as doors, which results in their motion.

Me and my brother made use of this, when we were in a house in scotland, to open doors half way across the house by closing specific combinations of other doors in order to make the pressure build up on the door we desired to open.

Humans forget too often that we live in a physical world, and all things are physical systems.
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