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Parrot Uses Amazon Alexa to Order Groceries, Owner Surprised by Deliveries



A parrot named 'Rocco' in the U.K rescued by Marion Wischnewski managed to use Alexa to order groceries over Amazon and have them delivered to Marion's home when she was at work. The owner of this feathered friend would find packages of strawberries, watermelon, raisins, and ice cream delivered at her house.

It was not long before she discovered that it was Rocco who was responsible for the packages. The owner would also come home to find music playing that she discovered was requested by her parrot. Evidently this bird has developed a friendship with Alexa, though unfortunately one that is costing his owner money with all the deliveries.

people.com: Smart Pet Parrot Uses Amazon Alexa to Order Groceries, Owner Surprised by Deliveries 



Asher Grey

Probably Sleeping
I heard about this on NPR, had a good laugh. Reminded me of when the senior my mom caretakes for had a really bad episode of delusion, ordered a bunch of weird shit through Alexa(10 expensive TV monitors, plane tickets, etc. real weird stuff) and then no one had any memory of it.

Glad my cat can't do that xD

Deleted member 82554

Ah yes, the African Grey. Highly intelligent and very chatty. This is no surprise, wish my one would talk and not just squawk all the time.