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PART TWO of Kit's story

Kit the fox

I am a proud therian! (And a furry) :3
Kit walked home, slowly with his backpack in his mouth, his teeth digging into the cloth bag. 'I wish I wasn't like this.. ' kit thought. 'I wish I was anthro..' Then a clap of thunder lit the sky aflame. Kit, in terror, dropped his bag and slowly backed away. Wind was howling and screaming past his ears and tail. "ARE YOU SURE THIS IS WHAT YOU WISH FOR?" a voice boomed from what seemed like every direction. "ruf...?" Kit sputtered. The voice boomed again, "IT SHALL BE DONE" followed by another clap of thunder. Suddenly everything was normal.. Or was it..? Kit looked around and saw humans, All looking at him. "get out of the street!" A man with a red cap said. Kit stepped and realized he had grown. "Suorry" kit managed to say. Wait? did he just speak?! Kit felt dizzy. Everything around him started to blur until he fainted.