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Partial hoodie fursuit help?

Alrightie everybody, here's the thing: Fursuits are damn expensive, and as a (future) poor college student, I don't have the funds nor the time to devote to a full fursuit. Beautiful? Hell to the yeah. Time consuming and expensive? Yes, sadly. But I was talking to a friend who suggested the creation of a hoodie/partial fursuit. It gives the comfort of your own clothing with the style of a fursuit. Kind of... I think. Anywho, here are the materials I think I'll need (I'll also mention if I have said materials around or already own):

- Several yards of different colored faux fur for ears, hairstyle/fur, (new) tail and hand paws (Blue, baby blue, gray, black and red potentially)
- Plastic or sculpey clay claws for hand paws
- Fleece or some kind of padding for hand paw pads
- shoes (?) for feet since I'm not tooo interested in making foot paws right now or in the near future (red tennis shoes)
- gray jeans
- grey hoodie (already own; it's going to be the one I modify-- it is a thinner hoodie, henley button-up style)
- plans/tutorials for various parts of the suit

Now, my main concern is what to do with the hood of the hoodie. I do want to put ears and the faux fur for the fur/hair, but how should I go about doing that? I was thinking at first perhaps making something to go around the hood and cover it, but yet maybe not using the hood at all. There are wolf hat-like things on Ebay that I could buy, but I want to minimize the use of too many separate pieces for the suit. Thus my idea for using the hood as much as possible.

My next idea was for the hand paws; I have red wrist warmers that could just be used in place of hand paws need be. So for a partial fursuit, are hand paws necessary, per se to the look of the suit? Or would they just look really out of place? Cause as my idea is now (I'm a more slender looking guy) they might look a tad out of place...

Other than that, where's the cheapest place to get faux fur (I've decided on the shag faux fur for just about everything for the suit)? I found a website that has the kind of faux fur I'm looking for, but at about $20~/yard.

Sorry for the extremely long read, but I've got a load of questions on this that I'd like some light shed on... and this is my first time doing something like this, so all and any kind of help is appreciated~

- Ricin


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