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Request: Party Animal?


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Hiya!! My 21st birthday is coming up at the end of May and I want to request a new character who is a total party animal! She will be my drunken -welcome to official adulthood- sona. I want her to be super eccentric and bubbly like I am when I'm drinking as well as a little bit flirty. I want her in casual party wear rather than formal. I love short shorts and skirts as well as crop tops, tube tops, off the shoulder tops, and even tops that show up a little under-boob. Fishnets and stockings are also a huge yes. For shoes I like hi tops, knee high boots, and even those cool all star shoe boot thingies. As far as species go I like skunks, hyenas, cheetahs/leopards, or anything super fluffy. I love the extra fluff! Also I am obsessed with open species such as sergals, dutchies, and manokits!

Thank you to whoever takes this request


Mystic Jackalope
Heres a cute snow leopard with glitter eye shadow and claws