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(Commission) Selling: Pathanix/Pank's Art Shop [$5-$50+] Traditional Paintings [$20-$300+]


the Blind Wanderer
Commission ToS and Adoptable(Customs) ToS
When you commission me, please take the time to read these as this will be everything you need to know about doing business with me! The contract is also loose, so if you have any problems, please contact me directly.

I'm able to take Paypal only. If you commission me privately, please label the message with "commission" somewhere in the title. I will use discord for commissions.

FORM: [if multiple items, use multiple forms]

Commission Type: [Which style would you like?]
Character: [If for custom, use this spot for species/gender. Please provide a link.reference]
Details: [This is where you put pose/scenes/prop details/things you specifically want me to include. Typically anything you want me to know about your character that can help with the piece itself.]

Do's/Don'ts are on my commission information sheet. I am willing to at least try to draw your character. I will start a sketch before payment to make sure I can do what is requested if it's questionable. NSFW is anywhere from half of double to double the price depending on what it is.

Disclaimer: My style may deviate from my original style slightly or change with practice and time. I may decline if I feel I can't do what you ask or otherwise decline for any reason at all without having to explain myself.


Commission Prices and Samples

Feel free to leave feedback about my commissions on my thread! I would love to hear more from you!