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Pathfinder Game


New Member
Hey everyone.

This is a call out to anyone who's interested in D&D, or in this case, Pathfinder.

My group plays on Skype on Wednesdays, starting at 6-7pm GMT (England time)

However, over the last few weeks, we've had a number of players drop out due to commitments on that silly thing call "real life", and we're in desperate need of new blood to take their place. We are mid-campaign, but don't let that scare you away if you're a new player, as we're all very friendly and helpful, so even if you've not played before, we're more than happy to have you join us.

If you're interested, please either reply on here, or PM me, or even note me directly on FA (same name on there, Byere)

We'd love to have you join us :D