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Patreon Campaign: Illustrated Story Series (Custom Art/Writing Available)


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Hello everyone,

Hi, I'm Volkenfox - I'm an artist with a large FA gallery of BBW and transformation themed illustrations - and I wanted to announce I'm starting a Patreon campaign: an illustrated story series, with art created by me and stories written by T.F. Wright covering various themes and subjects. If you like weight gain stories or sequences I highly encourage you to take a look at my current project. It’s a female weight gain/transformation illustrated story project. The more support we get, the further the changes/growth will go.

The first project we are collaborating on is called “Lion’s Pride.” Meek and mild Cleo is an underpaid and under-appreciated political campaign worker who is sucked into a world where everyone is anthro, including her. But that’s not the only change she needs to worry about. As time goes by, Cleo finds herself increasingly tempted to turn her back on her old ways, embracing selfishness, corruption, power, hedonism, gluttony, and pride.

So! The current plan is to do a variety of illustrated stories alongside various authors over the coming months. In short, the more support we get for a project from you all, the longer and more lavish we will try to make the story. The longer the story, the further a transformation/weight gain/etc will go, depending on the subject. Donation rewards vary based on price, from an advanced copy of the illustrated story upon completion, to cameos in the story itself, to being able to commission alternate endings to the work!

Currently my partner is the very prominent T.F. Wright. Those that know my work might remember the cover I did for him here. He has published quite a few eBooks via Amazon on various subjects and has even made the best selling list for lesbian erotica on the site. His works primarily focus on human stories, particularly female weight gain, muscle growth, transformation, and the like. You can find his blog, complete with a plethora of free works to sample if you desire, here.

If any of you wish to support the project you can find the link here, and feel free to spread the word!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.