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Pawnige's $15-$20 Shaded Headshot Commission shop!



I'm moving out of my parents house soon to head to University, and am in need of some cash to help boost me into my fully autonomous life :3

That being said, I have decided to open for headshot/Icon commissions! The commission will be a high-resolution, shaded image of your character. I can do any race, gender, or species!

Thanks for all the support, and love <3

You inquire for a commission you may either Pm me here, or send me a note via FA: Userpage of Pawnige -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Examples of my work ^w^



The image will be made on a 9" by 12" canvas at 600ppi (In other words, very high resolution), and I will require a picture reference of the character.

Pricing: The price of the headshot will start at $15 and will vary slightly depending on the complexity of the character. (horns, hats, collars, extra eyes, etc.)

Hope you all enjoy!
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Good luck!