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Paypal alternative


Cuddly Nightlight
Dont know if this is the right place for this question, But im looking for a paypal alternative that doesnt require a phonenumber to register {i dont have a phone and cant pay for one currently} in europe or worldwide, Im from the netherlands so it would be important that the service allows that.
Im planning to finally sell/eventually buy commisions so it would be nice to have a good service to use. I do have a bank account and debit card.

Hope you guys can help me out here, Since most services need a phonenumber and are us only/dont accept NL.

Thanks in advance^^


Worshiper of Monster
Hmm. Not sure if you need a phone number or not, but can check out Payoneer, Skrill and SubscribeStar.


Cuddly Nightlight
If this is about buying commissions, I am from the Netherlands too. For Dutch people I also accept direct bank transfers.

Edit: Maybe Western Union is an idea?
Does western unon require a phonenumber? Since that is the most common problem i have [i have no phone}
And its about buying/selling comissions yeah


Anyone experience with the Payoneer maybe?
But of course a huge advantage of Paypal is that it is so widely excepted and you can make direct payments on so many websites.
Maybe try to contact paypal phone number (this article will help you with that) and ask if they can help you to solve the issue with the registration number.
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