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Paypal Christmas Commissions - OPEN


New Member
Hello! I am here to mention that starting Saturday this week(the 17th), I will be open for paypal commissions. These will include, but are not limited to; sketches, flatcolors, basic shaded, complex shaded, and flats(no lines, either no shading or simplistic shading). I will do headshots, busts, halfbodies, and fullbodies. I have many examples in my gallery(DA and FA), but if you'd like to see more, please message me.

These commissions will be PWYW(Pay what you want), but within reason(and a minumum of $5)! For example, I will NOT accept 1$ for anything. If you want a range, you may message me.

If you are interested at all, feel free to message me. You may message me whenever you would like, even if it is before the 17th.
You may message me here:
Here on FA Forums
-Keyoto-Kyutoma- on FA
Keyoto-TheFox on Deviantart
Keyoto on FlightRising
Keyoto-TheFox on Chickensmoothie
Or Keyoto-thefox on Skype(please let me know who you are. If I end up getting spam or anything else I'd like to not receive, this option will be removed.)

Please message me about my limitations on what I will or will not draw for you. Thank you! I really hope you guys have a good day and good Christmas. ^^