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Hi hi everyone! My commissions are open!<333

♥ Paypal only ♥
♥ Maximum character limit per drawing will be two ♥
♥ Speed will depend on type of commission ♥
♥ Five slots open for each category ♥

I'm okay with drawing anything except robots/mecha, hardcore nsfw, heavy gore, and hate ;v;

Please provide a reference image of your character(s), and anything else you would want (outfits, certain colours, poses, personality, theme, etc.)

When commission is decided I will note you my paypal email.

I will send you a work in progress sketch before I go further so any changes can be made!

Depending on the type of commission, I can complete it fairly quick- from a few days to a month at the latest. If stuff arises in my personal life and it takes longer than two months to complete your commission I will notify you and refund you 50% off the original price. ♥

My examples!

♥ Animated Icon ♥

$5 CAD
Joint icons are available!

♥ Chibi - Halfbody - Fullbody ♥

Prices and info listed in example!

♥ Reference Sheet ♥

Example is a simple ref sheet for $35 CAD!

Simple ref sheet with a back view for $40 CAD.

Detailed ref sheets for $70 CAD. Detailed version includes front and back view, clothed and/or naked, chibi and/or feral form, 3 outfits, 4 expressions, and likes+dislikes.

Thank you for looking and note/message me if interested!<3​
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