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If you would buy a commission, which would you choose?(for future things)

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New Member
Hello everyone!:oops:
I'm Yuuki, known as YuukiTheHellgirl on most sites,
i'm currently a freelance artist.
I succesfully completed my Apprenticeship as a Florist,
i'm now still looking for a job sadly..
so art is my option right now between applications and job search :/

Please be 18 or older if you would like to order a nsfw commission!


I'm open for commission work!
Please feel free to check my gallerys first aswell as my full info!

Comm. Sheet: fav.me: Commission Sheet 2017
Portfolio: yuukithehellgirl.com

For any questions or help,
contact me at my socials or at the discord server for commissions!:

YuukiTheHellgirl #4153


If anyone would love to help,
even telling your friends about it would help,
i don't have a large following, you know it's always tricky then :/

I appreciate any help i could get,
Thank you for taking the time!
Have a wonderful day ♥

Other stuff:
Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/A474WX

Patreon: [URL='http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?https://www.patreon.com/YuukiTheHellgirl']www.patreon.com/YuukiTheHellgi…[/URL]​