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[PayPal] Writing Commissions [OPEN]


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Title says all; I'm opening up writing commissions, in hopes of earning a little extra cash. However, please keep all of my rules, wait times, and Will/Won'ts in mind.

If interested, you have the option to watch me work through Google Docs if time / our schedules permit it. Commissions will be completed within several weeks to 1-2 months, due to how spastic my schedule can be. Sometimes sooner, but expect potential delays. Understand when you commission me that my work will take a while and I am very upfront about this! Note that I have commissions on and off site so wait times may fluctuate and lengthen.

$1 for 100 words, so on and so forth
$5 for 500+ words, below 1000 words - Drabbles
$10 per 1000 words, + $5 for every 500 words (ex. $15 = 1500 words, $20 = 2000 words) - Stories/Fanfics

-Archive of Our Own
-Tumblr tag
-A link to fetish examples is in my fetish spoiler tab

-I can offer a Discord for instant progress updates and notification, but otherwise you can contact me on my FA here through notes to inquire about commissions, or PM me here on the forums. (But FA notes are preferred)

Payment and Rules:
-I accept payments through PayPal, in any currency (since PayPal lets me convert it) and upfront only! Once paid, I will begin the commission as soon as I can (I will let you know if I'm unable to begin immediately; ex. paid Monday and the next week I start). Commissions will be posted on FA by default, but you do have the option to keep the commission private if you'd rather it not be public. I also offer the opportunity to post the commission anonymously (ex. I get permission to post it but do not include your username.)
-Please respect my prices! As a writer, I value and price my work by word count and do not wish to undercharge myself.
-Please don't rush me; my writing does take time and I have life outside of the computer, and I'd like to give you the best work I can offer. If issues come up while I'm writing, such as additional unexpected delays, you will always be notified of them. I'm a full-time college student so chances are there will be delays in my work, please respect this.
-I do not allow refunds. Seeing as I offer the option to watch me write live on Google Docs, you have many opportunities to ask me for changes/add detail/remove things - if I'm writing something you don't like/missing something/etc, you have many chances to let me know as I work. This is to ensure you're satisfied; you have opportunity to offer input as my customer. That said, I will repeat; I won't take refunds - you can tell me at anytime while I write if you want something altered or changed, but once I'm paid, I will start and finish the work I was asked to create. If you really are unsatisfied by any means, I'll do my best to alter what I can or rewrite content, but just keep in mind I won't take any refunds for work.
-Do not pressure me into doing something on my Won't Do list, or anything else I'm uncomfortable with. I have the right to decline any commission if it's outside my comfort zone in even the slightest bit.

Will Do / Won't Do (General):
Will Do:
-Anthros, ferals, and humans
-Adventure, romance, horror, slice of life; anything you can think of! Ask if unsure.
-Transformation (Human to furry and anything else)
-Canon characters/other fandoms (information needed if I'm not familiar with it/not too familiar with it)
-OC content (you must provide plenty of information so that I can write them as in character as possible)
-Macro/Micro (Clean, fluffy, etc)
-Dark topics and themes (Death, abuse, etc; please ask first)

Won't Do:
-Death with children
-Some fetishes / themes / etc (See next section)

You can see examples of my vore content here. (These are the only fetishy examples I have.)

Will Do:
-Yiff / sex / masturbation (Anthro/Anthro, and anthro/human)
-Macro/Micro vore *** (most experienced with this; my default tiny size would be that of a borrower/mouse; 4 inches tall)
-Samesize vore
-Anthro preds or prey
-Safe and fatal vore
-Oral vore and hard vore
-Willing and unwilling vore (any of these)
-Snuff / death / etc
-Stuffing (SFW and NSFW) and cooking (soft and hard)

-Anal and cockvore.. I enjoy both but don't have much experience writing it but I'd like to give it a shot! I will only do this for Micro/Macro content though, not samesize.
-Ask for any that aren't listed!

Won't Do:
Bestiality (ex. a human having sex with a feral creature)
-Unbirthing or breast vore
-Feet / Paws
-Gas / scat / full tour etc
-Prey animals as preds (ex. a mouse preying on a fox)
-Inflation / blueberryification
-Extreme Micro/Macro (ex. microscopic prey - my default prey height is around borrower/mouse size)
-Anything with babyfurs, and anything pedophilic

Current slots:
Taking only one to test the waters here! Message me with details to claim.
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