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[PBP] Welcome to VA-11 Hall-A (Character Development Driven Bartending RP!)


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I wonder how will I respond to someone else when I asked a question to another individual?


Dreamer of Cheese

I'm not going to be able to respond to this for a bit due to a work schedule that leaves minimal time for personal R&R. The next time I have a weekend off is the upcoming one, which is on the 22nd/23rd. Around that time, my response times will likely go back to normal until the next company crisis takes my attention away.

Because of this, I posted the above...

@Parabellum3 can choose to interact with Conor and James if he sees fit.
Otherwise he can wait on me, unfortunately this can be the case for those that work in an environment like mine. My apologies.

Consider the timer revoked until my schedule is back on track enough to host.
Respond as freely as you like, just keep things respectful. <3
Fair enough.


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