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I'm running Windows 7, Internet Explorer 11.

Recently, I had to temporarily disable Internet Explorer, and reset some of the features afterward!

Well, their's one I couldn't get to work properly again, the Star Icon on the top right that says ''VIEW FAVORITES, FEEDS, AND HISTORY!''

It used to open within a few seconds after clicking it, but now takes over 4 minutes to open up! And if you do anything but wait, it'll give the message ''INTERNET EXPLORER NOT RESPONDING!''

The favorites folder and the favorites menu bar options are the same as before, but the Star drop down menu has slowed so much!

It opened fast before, so number of favorites is not the issue!

I haven't been able to find any fixes online for this specific issue! HELP!

I'm sure its probably a really simple solution, like ''CHECK OR UN CHECK BOX, MANAGE ADD ONS, or HARDWARE ACCELERATION, but I'm totally stumped!

Please help, thanks!


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I know that's a bit obvious of a question, and not something you probably asked about, but why using Internet Explorer 11 in the first place? .o.


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Please help, thanks!

Hiya, Trevor-San! Sorry ya gots IE issues. Lessee...

* Deletin' temporary files can help ya. IE accumulates those pretty fast, fer sure.

* A complete reinstall of an app is kinda like a reboot. That can fix things, but be sure ta backup yer favorites first!

* If y'all have lots of add-ons, and one or more of those add-ons develops a fault or has a compatibility problem with the current version of your browser, it can cause memory leaks that lead to slowdowns and outright crashes. So experiment with turning some of 'em on and off ta see what happens.

* Finally, do consider movin' to another browser, not because of "evil Microsoft," but, honest and true, browsers like Firefox and Chromium are more stable and a LOT more secure. Just throwin' that out there.

Hope Jinxie helped. Y'all have funsies, 'kay? :p


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Not really good at software, (Hardware Guy), but I think it could have to do with dusty fans or old heatsync, as a hot processor is not a happy processor. If other programs are running slow, I recommend cleaning the hardware. dust those ram sticks, lubricate/ dust your fan motors, and replace heat sync gel. A cotton swab and compressed air are good options, but a glasses cloth and a good blowing on it like hot soup works just as fine. In terms of software, try clearing files/ emptying the recycling bin. If explorer is still fussy, just transfer your data from it to a new browser like firefox, ecoasia, chrome, ETC. Old thread, but hope I help! ^U^