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[PC] - Seihou (西方)


Seated With Liquor
What is Seihou?

Seihou (西方) is a series of games related to the Touhou series but not created by ZUN directly; rather, the Seihou series is produced by former members of Amusement Makers who later formed Syunsatsu Sare Do. Seihou means “western,” as opposed to Touhou, which means “eastern.”


The extra stage in Shuuso Gyoku, With Marisa Kirisame and Reimu Hakurei as the boss.


All 3 games: (Left to right) Shuusho Gyoku, Kioh Gyoku, and Banshiryuu

Know it, played it, not directly involved in any Seihou community and not discussing it with anybody either.
I'm bad at STGs.

It's supposedly western because it takes place on Earth as far as I remember, with Touhou taking place in Gensokyo aka Japan's fantasy land of Japanese folklore.
Perhaps it's just an attempt to distance ZUN from the rest of the world.