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PD's New Years Resolution: Year of Original Characters


Lover of Beasty Baes
I wanted to make a journal about this, but Fur Affinity is WAY down |D

So I'm posting it here for my memory~. I have a sketch book here on the forums too, but I wanted a separate thing for this.

While I was making my 2019 best works gallery, I noticed that I hadn't drawn my own characters at all. And if I had, it was a warm up for a stream only. It's deplorable. So I made the resolution this year to make time to design and draw my own characters.

I have been roleplaying and designing characters for a very long time, I have a lot of content. I feel like it's important to do that for myself. I was much happier when I was drawing and designing my own character things v3v I have a very colorful internal life-

So on to the list! I'll post the link/art of the resulting work here. c:

PD's list of Original Characters
  1. Senegien Saturna (Moth)(SFW done, NSFW pending)
  2. Pandora Pendragon (Munskin wild cat) (SFW pending)
  3. Faiqa Fenralis (Albino deer)
  4. Calhoun Mageuy (Jackalope)(Streaming cover)
  5. Acadia Mageuy (Spnyx cat chimera) (Sketch... in FA somewhere right now.)
  6. Mattieu Laverdiere (Sasquatch)
  7. Gosheven (Dire Elf)
  8. Absalom the Spawn of Cthulu (Humanoid)
  9. Alberan (Armadillo)
  10. Belle (Porcupine) (Her whole gallery is here)
  11. Schoed Seirra (albino cayman)
  12. Gwendolyn (Human, I swear-)
And maybe I'll add more later~

These names don't mean much right now, but I hope to flesh em out soon >u<


Lover of Beasty Baes
I was frustrated today, so I worked a bit on Pandora~

I'm on the fence about the dress colors, but I'm happy with the character's pallet. c:


Lover of Beasty Baes
This whole situation has been a crash to my creativity~.

It's been difficult for me to sit down and roleplay, definitely to sit down and do art. I've lost a lot of bits of my day to sitting and staring into space for 20 minutes at a time.


Lover of Beasty Baes
Oohh that looks pretty neat sofar! I'd say keep up the nice work :)
Aw, thanks! My creativity has been shot, but I do want t try this weekend~. -Finish up the sheet and move on to the rest on the list.
This one has a NSFW view too but, lol, she looks like a chipmunk.