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Peckish bat wants to hypnotize you and drink your blood!

economics bat

Fanged Friend
Hey, it's exactly as described!

My character is Nyeogmi, the really adorable vampire bat seen in my avatar. (you can see a bigger version here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32964575/)

His personality is pretty flexible -- he can be sweet, romantic, grumpy, quietly manipulative, flagrantly evil, depending on what you feel like playing out -- but his distinguishing feature is a kind of devoted, proto-stalkerish considerateness. He's bound to remember your birthday, favorite food, and mother's maiden name, even if he's only using them to get into your secret Snapchat. This kind of stuff makes him astonishingly functional as a boyfriend even if he's being a horrible monster.

I go into my requests in a little more detail in a submission here, which you can read if you're interested: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32963955/ . The basic deal is:
  • no minors!
  • no actual sex, sorry!
  • setting, framing device, context etc is up to you if you want it to be!
  • you probably have to be a sub for this -- role reversal is really incompatible with my preferences!
  • we can do one-shots or long-term stuff! I'm curious about the master/pet relationship but have not tried it.
This might change because I'm deeply interested in both elements, but currently, the hypnosis part is way more important to me than the bloodsucking part! I'd like to get pretty deep into making your character do stuff, but I want the out-of-character version of you to help determine what that is -- general classes of thing include making your character be super uninhibited; significantly altering their wants, thoughts, memories; immobilizing your character; putting them to sleep; transforming them. (into a vampire or a bat)

This goes in general: as long as your preferences generate some positive feelings I can latch onto, I tend to be super generous about actually centralizing them and turning them into a main topic. I'm hoping you will only write back if something about what I've written generated some positive feelings for you! I really don't think either of us will enjoy an RP where one is just humoring the other.

Discord is ideal for me, but if you have another platform you would rather use, please let me know! Late evenings PST and weekends are really good for my schedule. To organize this whole thing, just write me on any platform you can find me on!

PS, the obvious -- these situations can be consensual, nonconsensual, some ambiguous place in-between, but I 100% guarantee I won't do this stuff without your enthusiastic out-of-character consent. If this stuff stops being fun for you, drop me. (but let me know what I screwed up!)


Looks pretty interesting. If you are still here, I'm up for it.