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Pencil smudges and ink stains. ~Topaz' Sketchbook


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Shows how much I pay attention to this place anymore; I had no idea this section actually had individual sketchbook threads now, heh. I don't really know how much I'll actually post around here since I prefer to put my sketches on my Tumblr or FA scraps now, but I figure to update this with some regularity.

~~This sketchbook will be featuring a lot of expression and anatomy studies, as well as character concept sketches. The only NSFW images I submit (which I will tag as such) are going to be nudes, to give a heads-up.~~

The series of sketch pages I'm submitting right now are a few months old but were the product of me trying to get more "personality" into otherwise very animalistic or monstrous characters, as I found a lot of what made their emotions human were hidden behind flat, non-existent facial expressions. I also threw in some studies with various parts that I'm not strong in (such as ears. I can't ears.). So I did some pages categorized by what sort of animal they were, naturally using mine and the other half's characters as guinea pigs (as I do most of the time):

Studies in expression: Equine

Aaaand, some catfaces.



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Posting a little cobbled-together progress shot of my current project. This one is a commission depicting my own character, a unicorn witch (I've been commissioned in the past by the same client with her as the subject before already). Only parameters are for it to be as detailed as I want and for it to have a definite Alphonse Mucha "vibe," so if you recognize some of the specific Art Noveau pieces that inspired this, that is why. The client is well aware that I'm influenced artistically by Mucha so it was no wonder I was excited to finally undertake this. It's going to be big (11x14) so any progress shots will be done with a camera, hence the rather poor image quality.


The image on the right is the thumbnail/value study I did quite a while back; it shows just how much it has changed since the initial conception. I'd like to keep the gradients from the thumbnail more or less the same though;I like the alternating contrasts. The trick is going to keep my negative space in mind while I sketch and eventually render, since there's going to be a lot of it and in subtle places.
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I absolutely love Art Noveau! Although my love stems from the architectural side of it, especially its implementation in the buildings of Riga, Latvia. I don't know much about its use in decorative arts. But if you work is indicative of it, then I really must spend some time to get to know that side of it better! Your latest figure has such grace; such a sublime sense of motion and a dream-like fluidity!