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People who like Indian food


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
I love it! (And other spicy Asian cuisines too.) There is a constant problem with availability of ingredients though. People here are awfully stuck in their culinary preferences and so the stores don't carry a lot of more exotic stuff. Same with restaurants, people don't eat out much and if they do, they go for "typical" things.

I'm also insane about chili, the amounts I'm using would probably be intolerable for someone unaccustomed. Thankfully my wife is the same so there are no conflicts about this!


AKA Kardek
Indian cuisine changes depending on the region you're in. There's so much of it.

I'm glad you brought this up! South Indian food seems to be pretty underrepresented outside of... well... south India. Dosa is my jam. Also medu vada. These bad boys are like donuts but even better, for those of us that prefer savory food to sweets.



seeker of knowledge
I quite like dosa myself. And you reminded me of something else, vada pav. I used to get it at a local Indian deli near me.


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If you're British (like myself), you're guaranteed to have had an Indian at some point. My favourite is a Lamb Bhuna.

Also, the Chicken Tikka Masala is rumoured to have been developed somewhere in the UK, some say Glasgow, some say Birmingham.
Agree 100%. I believe that if we don't go for a certain number of curries per year they send an old timey policeman round to bop you on the head with a truncheon.

I avoid this by having a curry once a month with my race team.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
My father is one of them.

More for the rest of us, I suppose!

I do get surprised occasionally when I find out that somebody I know has literally never eaten a curry.

On the topic though, I just want to comment on what a good accompaniment Dosa is. :}


Thine Grumpy Resident
Food is food.

Well, except for canned food..


Spotted Skunk
I have never tried Indian food in my life, but the food seems interesting and the cuisine is among the few ones I would like to try one day.

Since I am curious, could someone please tell me about some of the best dishes or their favorite picks with a very small explanation about them? I would be very pleased to know, especially about spicy dishes.


The Cat in the FAF
Lamb Vindaloo is wonderful
Lamb >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> beef any day of the week

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
There are people who *don't* like Indian food? D:
It's the butt of many jokes told by people with weak digestive systems and bland palates.


Fundamentalist Heretic
I absolutely love Indian food. Vindaloo hot enough to make tears run down my cheeks is simply divine! :cool:


International Man of Mystery
Ooooooh, I absolutely adore indian food!!!
I am ready to kill for a new plate of tandoori chicken with freshly baked naan bread, it’s the most delicious thing in the world! <3


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It's the butt of many jokes told by people with weak digestive systems and bland palates.
They’re silly, then. :p
I have really low spice tolerance (if boyfriend can taste the heat it’s probably too much for me), and I love Indian; I just have to make sure I go for the less hot options.

(And yes, my cooking when I’m not doing ethnic-inspired food is typically what people would call “bland.”)

Which isn’t actually to say it’s above being joked about. I’m being tongue in cheek.

Monsieur Lune

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I definitely need to try more dishes I haven't gotten the chance. Since I do not know of any restaurants near me I usually home cook Indian food.